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Come stay in Norway - Our Seaside Resort awaits

Very close to Kristiansund Airport and the famous Atlantic Road, our Vikaneset Havhotell – Viking Harbour Hotel would love to welcome you. Arrive by land, or by sea. If you prefer to arrive by air, we do have a helipad available.

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Welcome to Vikaneset Havhotell

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Sunny day at Vikaneset Havhotell

Welcome to your memorable stay

A beautiful and historical location on the coast of Norway. Vikaneset Havhotell has Norwegian style Cabins and old buildings converted into apartments. There are wonderful houses for family self-catering stays and you won’t be able to get enough of the incredible views that surround you in all directions. Do browse through our properties at Vikaneset Havhotell to find the right one suited to you.

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northern lights

See the Northern Lights - Special nights

In late summer and into winter, you can when the conditions are right, experience the magic of the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. We recommend you practice photographing the night sky before you arrive at Vikaneset Havhotell.

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Diving and fishing

Fishing and Diving - Plenty to do​

Some of our properties at Vikaneset Havhotell are out to sea, many guests don’t move far to start fishing. Why not simply cast out from your balcony? For the more adventurous, we have boats with heated cabins for rental. There is plenty of walking and cycling to do, as well as diving possibilities, on-site kayaking and much more.

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Host somewhere unique - Events

Our famous Brygga at the Vikaneset Havhotell is capable of hosting a variety of events. Fitted out with a large bar area hosting a feature fireplace, a restaurant quality kitchen with walk in freezer, multiple meeting and conference rooms and much more. A perfect location for your wedding, business, birthday party or family gatherings. Your guests and of course yourself, will love what we have to offer at affordable rates. 

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Enjoy our Sauna Hut - Simply relax

Perhaps you’re looking to simply relax, accompanied by the picturesque scenery at Vikaneset Havhotell, we have a large wooden cabin with the sole purpose of providing you with an authentic Sauna experience.

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