Diving and fishing
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Activities for everyone - Plenty to do

Explore the vast options of activities located around Kristiansund. There is everything from the famous Atlantic Road, ridge hiking with stunning views, to a family indoor waterpark. Plan your stay the way you want and find out more here.

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Jet-Ski rental

Enjoy some time on the sea using our Sea Doo 215 wake pro Jet-Ski. Rentals are available on-site and do please contact us in regard to availability



Staying by the sea at Vikaneset Havhotell provides a perfect excuse to do some diving. We have our own boats and building with showers and facilities for divers that you can use for free. Come and stay and enjoy the wreck nearby and the wonderful amount of sea-life we have surrounding our cove.

Book now at Vikaneset and let us know if you need to be set up with any equipment.

The Atlantic Road

Drive along one of the most incredible road you could ever imagine. Hopping from rock to rock and adjoined by impressive curved bridges, your breath will be taken away. There are plenty of designated lay-bys on route for you to stop at to take the perfect picture. This famous Atlantic Road is roughly 50min away from our resort.


Boat trip to Grip

Take a wonderful 3 to 4 hour round trip to the lovely little fishing island called Grip. Enjoy a tour of the island along with a relaxing boat trip there and back. The trip leaves from Kristiansund Harbour and is only a 20-25min drive from your private cabin at Vikaneset Havhotell.

A lovely outing for all. The rocky island is packed with well-kept historical buildings and traditional Norwegian fishing history.

Romsdaleggen ridge hike

Perhaps you’re keen on hiking. Then how about a 10 kilometre long hike, with a height difference of about 970 metres? Even the most seasoned trekkers are astounded by the constant beauty found on this hike. There are buses two and from Åndalsnes station at 09:00 in the morning starting at spring, but you can also drive (around 2 hours) and hike on your own accord. Beware of sudden weather changes.


There are plenty of cycling routes around our resort near Kristiansund. Hundreds of kilometres of windy roads and bridges to numerous islands.

Satisfy your cycling desires with ease and plan your routes on “Visit Norway” via the button below.

Water Park

Atlanterhavsbadet in Kristiansund is a fun place to go with the family. There are multiple attractive facilities and things to do. Here you’ll find a sports pool, children’s pool, hot and cold tubs, whirlpools, steam sauna, standard sauna and even a wave pool in the family area.

It’s about a 22min drive away. Prices can be seen on their website here.