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Amenities available to our guests - Facilities

We have a wealth of facilities on offer to our guests. Included are our huge Sauna Hut, a beach and general amenities. Therefore you can make your stay your own. Enjoy the self-catering facilities now.

Host rating on Airbnb 4.9


Jet-Ski rental

Enjoy some time on the sea using our Sea Doo 215 wake pro Jet-Ski. Rentals are available on-site and do please contact us in regard to availability


Sauna Hut

Rest and relaxation is something to enjoy. A wooden Sauna hut is purpose built to provide an authentic sauna experience. Even our Finish guests have praised it. We look forward to you enjoying it as well.

The use of our sauna facility is included in the price of your stay and it’s available for all to use. Exclusive bookings are possible if desired. However we kindly ask that all guests respect each others privacy and to enjoy the sauna in a safe manner.


When you arrive, you won’t have to worry about parking spaces. We have plenty of options close to any of our seafront or coastal view properties.

You’re free to park wherever it best suits you. However please don’t drive over any bridges, as they’re not meant for cars.

Parking is included in the price of your stay.


Each property has its own kitchen, or even multiple kitchens. Some are bigger than others and have more or fewer appliances. 

Please familiarise yourself using the information provided about each property, to ensure it includes what you are expecting.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help.

Private harbour

Feel free to arrive by sea. Our protected harbour is a great place to moor your boat. Mooring is included in the booking price. Please arrive within the designated check-in times. Preferably for safety reasons, we recommend arriving during daylight hours. The coast is littered with rocks, hence please be cautious when arriving by sea. Depth at the deepest point is roughly 4 meters during low tide.

Recycling hut

Our ethics are to ensure what can be recycled is. We please ask, that you use our recycling facilities we have made available to you. It’s the small hut as shown in the pictures, at the end of the row of cabins that lies closest to the private harbour and yellow diving house.

The entrance faces the amphitheatre.

Thank you for helping us stay green and clean.